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Official Rules

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the  television quiz show, (the "Program")is an on-air program of thirty (30) minutes in length (subject to change). To qualify to become a contestant on the Program individuals must go through an audition process (see Rule 3 below).

The dates and locations for auditions will be announced via various means, including, but not limited to,  and local media. Individuals must attend an audition session that will be held at designated audition site(s). Individuals must go to the designated audition site at the specified audition time(s) and complete a written test within the specified time limit.

Individuals who do not receive a passing score (to be determined at the sole discretion of Ariana Television Network (ATN) will be eliminated from the audition. Individuals who do receive a passing score will continue with an audition interview.

Ariana Television Network, in its sole discretion, will determine which people have passed the audition interview. Those people will be put into a pool along with all other individuals who have received a passing score on the written test and who have passed the audition interview, for possible selection as a Contestant (defined below) for the Program ("Contestant Pool").

For each episode of the Program, the Ariana Television Network, in its sole discretion, will select Contestants from the Contestant Pool to appear as Contestants who will play the game on the Program in which they can win up to One Million Afghanis  (AFS1,000,000) by correctly answering up to fifteen (15) multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty ("Game").

Contestants must be citizen of Afghanistan and must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Employees of Ariana Television, Afghan Wireless Communication Company, Bayat Foundation, Tamana Production and their immediate family members (spouse, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother and their spouses), and those living in the same household, or any person or entity connected with the production, administration or judging of this Program or Network Program (defined below), or any of their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents or representatives are not eligible.  All eligibility determinations shall be made by ATN in its sole discretion.

Any individual who will be a legally qualified candidate for any type of political office at the time that the episode of the Program that he/she tapes is broadcast is not eligible.

Any Potential Contestant must be available to travel to Kabul City, at their own expense, and provide their own accommodations and transportation in Kabul for the duration of their appearance on the Program. Contestants are solely responsible for expenses incurred in connection with their appearance on the Program and the ATN will not reimburse any Contestant for such expenses.



The Contestants for each Tape Date and specific episode, if applicable, will travel to Kabul at their own expense. ATN will provide accommodation and food allowance for the contestants  for the duration of their  appearance and stay in Kabul City. 

ATN will determine how long the Contestant is required to stay in Kabul. Based on the scheduling of Tape Dates, any Holdover Contestants and unplayed contestants may be required to remain available to return to the studio on the next scheduled date that a standard Program will be taped. The travel and transportation arrangements for all returning Holdover Contestants and unplayed Contestants shall be the sole responsibility of the Contestant.

Tournament Finalists

Tournament Finalists will be brought to Kabul paid for by ATN. The trip consists of: (1) round-trip public transport (bus or air) and from the airport closes to the Tournament Finalist's home, or ground transportation, if the person doesn’t resides in Kabul, double occupancy hotel accommodations for up to four (4) days (which includes two (2) travel days), (3) ground transportation in Kabul City to and from airport/hotel, and (4) a maximum per diem of Five Hundred  Afghanis (AFS 500) for the Tournament Finalist only ("Per Diem"). Actual length of stay, number of hotel nights and total Per Diem is dependent on when the Tournament Finalist is needed for the Program, as determined by ATN, in its sole discretion. Tournament Finalists will be required to verbally agree to the terms and conditions of the Travel Release prior to departure to Kabul and further agree to sign the release upon arrival in Kabul. Tournament Finalists must be available to travel to Kabul for their Tape Date and must allow for up to four (4) days in Kabul (including two (2) travel days). If a Tournament Finalist accepts travel to Kabul and fails to arrive by their scheduled arrival time on their Tape Date, the Tournament Finalist may be disqualified and may be held liable for all travel, accommodation and Per Diem amounts provided by the Program.


Contestants may win cash prizes corresponding to the number of questions answered correctly in accordance with the following prize table. Prize amounts listed are not cumulative:

Correct Answer
 Walk Away
Missed Answer
Amount Lost if
Wrong Answer
Maximum Time Limit(seconds)
 1 AFs  500 AFs  0 AFs  0 AFs  0 15
 2 AFs  1,000 AFs  500 AFs  0 AFs  500 15
 3 AFs  2,000
AFs  1,000 AFs  0 AFs  1,000 15
 4 AFs  3,000 AFs  2,000  AFs  0 AFs  2,000 15
 5 AFs  5,000 AFs  3,000 AFs  0 AFs  3,000 15
 6 AFs  7,500 AFs  5,000 AFs  5,000 AFs  0 30
 7 AFs  10,000 AFs  7,500 AFs  5,000 AFs  2,500 30
 8 AFs  12,500 AFs  10,000 AFs  5,000 AFs  5,000 30
 9 AFs  15,000 AFs  12,500 AFs  5,000 AFs  7,500 30
 10 AFs  25,000 AFs  15,000 AFs  5,000 AFs  10,000 30
 11 AFs  50,000 AFs  25,000 AFs  25,000 AFs  0 45
 12 AFs  100,000 AFs  50,000 AFs  25,000 AFs  25,000 45
 13 AFs  250,000 AFs  100,000 AFs  25,000 AFs  75,000 45
 14 AFs  500,000 AFs  250,000 AFs  25,000 AFs  225,000 45
 15 AFs  1,000,000 AFs  500,000 AFs  25,000 AFs  475,000 45 + Banked Time

In instances when the combined value of the Contestant's cash prizes, if any, is Six Hundred Afghanis (AFS 600) or more, the Contestant will receive a Tax-Form, which is the form used to report such amounts to the Afghanistan Tax and Revenue Collection Department. Contestants should consult with their own tax advisors regarding the tax consequences of participating in the Program. Prizes are non-transferable.


All Contestants and Potential Contestants understand and agree that all publicity in connection with the Program is under the sole control of ATN. Therefore, all Contestants and Potential Contestants agree to consult with ATN regarding any and all publicity (including, but not limited to, television, radio, print and online interviews) in connection with the Contestant's involvement with the Program and shall not consent to any publicity without prior approval of ATN. Failure to comply with this provision may result in disqualification of the Potential Contestant or the Contestant's forfeiting of any prize won during his/her participation on the Program.

ATN reserves the right to use any footage of a contestant to promote the programme without having to pay the contestant anything in return.


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